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Welcome to For The Crown guild web page!

    This is the site of our guild, "For The Crown". Any updates and news will be posted here as well as in game guild info and message of the day. You can always check on the information tab to see possible things you can do for the guild and benefit yourself too.

      New members are always welcome, so you can invite anyone regardless of his level, race or experience, just be sure to send an invitation ingame.

    Have fun,
For The Crown

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For The Crown Guild in tatters

thedx4, May 13, 12 4:43 PM.
I've left some of my alts in the guild so I could see how the guild is going. The guild master has changed again. I don't even remember the new guild master. Oh, I just saw the guild roster in this website. I didn't update it and there is the former team there. Good times...

I wonder what happened to Gragonder, seriously, I was not able to reach him. Maybe something happened to him or maybe he just quited WoW. Anyway, this one will be one of my last post in this page.

The guild "Empire" that I have created is already running and collecting members. Any members from the former guild For The Crown are more than welcome to join. I've also set up the website already and this time the guild bank is working 100%. The link is THIS.

For The Empire,

PS: DxJohn is officially my first WoW character, so I will use him as my main. He's a human warrior, I'll make him a good PvE tank that can take any raid boss. :)

I resigned

thedx4, May 6, 12 5:02 PM.
I recently resigned from the guild. The reason was pretty obvious, I don't think I'll ever come back to this guild but nothing is impossible. If I ever manage to contact Gragonder we will talk and I'll inform you of what we will decide.

Right now I've formed a new guild, it's called "Empire". I will keep the rules of this guild there too and treat every member the same.

Maybe in the distant future, "Empire" and "For The Crown" will work together, who knows?

For The Empire,

Something happened here... again. xD

thedx4, Apr 13, 12 5:01 AM.
So I took a month out of world of warcraft and I find the guild completely changed... again.

I've been running investigations (again). Seems like Gragonder for an unknown reason demoted himself and promoted Tybo to guild master. Then, Tybo promoted Tenshidangei to guild master and left the guild. I don't know why those things happened but I'm trying to get in contact with them.

So far, the only person I managed to find online was Tenshidangei. He claims that he was just a member and when he came back from his vacation he found himself Guild Master.

Let's see where this is going to end.

For the crown,

Level 25 reached!

thedx4, Dec 13, 11 8:35 AM.
Congratulations everyone! We have reached the max level. We now have all guild perks and gained Mass Resurrection (at last!).

Let's keep it on and reach the guild to its former glory, and by this I mean reach the members cap (1000 members!). We are half way there.

I'd also like to say that we may start raiding soon as we have many 85 level players in the guild. Be sure to check the calendar to check for possible raiding schedule.

For The Crown,

Odisseas is now officially Co-Guildmaster

thedx4, Nov 17, 11 6:45 PM.
Today I was promoted to Co-Guild Master. Greg and I are the only ones who are allowed to kick players from the guild so we won't have the same episode again.

As of now the guild is running normal again. As I said before, former members are welcome to rejoin the guild again and restore their position. There'll be a topic on the forums about the status of the former guild officers. Check it to find out more and/or if you have information about a former member that we don't know about feel free to post it there and I'll update the topic.

Let's keep on growing!

For The Crown,
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